Cameron B. (Roseville)

"Dr. Talbot & his staff are AWESOME! I've been a patient of his since 2012. They've helped to improve my smile. Now that I have braces, my smile is only going to get better! Everyone is always so very nice to me & my family whenever we are there. My parents can rest assured knowing that I am in the best of hands with Dr. Talbot."

Annicka (Citrus Heights)

"I absolutely love Talbot Orthodontics!!! Everyone who works there is so nice and whatever you need they are there for your needs. It is all about how you feel and what you need done. It is not like a regular dentist at all, these people you can have good conversations with , they can be funny or serious. Not one time I have been there have they hurt me or made me feel uncomfortable. In fact, I get excited when I can go in. I recommend everyone to go to Talbot Orthodontics so you can be happy and end up with an amazing smile."

Alana H. (Sacramento)

"It is always fun counting down when your appointment is cause of the great staff I also love how they guide you through the process instead of just going ahead and doing it."


"I'm excited to have braces so my teeth look better! It didn't take me long to get used to having them, and then you forget they are there! At Dr. Talbot's office they are always nice, the office is really organized and clean, and they always tell you what's going on and what to expect. I like the braces with the gates because I didn't have to bother with rubber bands over the brackets, so that was easier too! They usually are always straight to business and you never wait too long at your appointment too."

Landon R. (Citrus Heights)

"They are really nice people. Dr Talbot is nice and very helpful. He gives great ideas for getting braces and he tells you what you will have to do to be able to get braces. Every time I go there I'm super excited. And I'm happy that I'm going there to get my braces."

Hannah J. (Roseville)

Richard is a great person and he and his staff make the experience fun and worry free they always tell you what the going to do before they do it making it a worry free environment."


"I always have such a great experience at Dr. Talbots office. Immediately welcomed with a smile and helped for my appointment in speedy time. I have been part of this orthodontic family since I was pretty young and I don't have any complaints! They would definitely be my recommendation."


"Every person that works here greets me with my name. They remember something I've told them going on in my life and they ask about it. They are so kind and outgoing to everybody. I have also received (on more than one occasion) an email or card expressing their thoughtfulness. I am VERY excited about the way my teeth are looking as well (kind of an extra perk, haha)!"


Finally...my braces are off! Thank you Dr. Talbot AND staff for always encouraging me to wear my bands, especially when I didn't.(which was more often than not....sorry for the frustration!!) You have a great staff and I (and my parents) will always appreciate that you helped me have a more beautiful smile!